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Patch Note

[ 2018. 10. 17]

[ Updated details ]

▶ Added 'The Invasion of Ogre’ Raid content 

🌐 Content rule description 

✔ How to start raid and mysterious artifact:

▸ A Mysterious Artifact is required to start a raid.

▸ Select one planet owned, and use the Artifact.

▸ The Artifacts can be found in exploration or purchased at the Cartos shop.

▸ Artifacts With higher level opens stronger raids with more valuable rewards.

✔ Proceeding Raid:

▸ When the Mysterious Artifact is used on a planet, a Giant Mothership appears.

▸ Destroy the Mothership to win the raid.

▸ The Mothership will send fleets to attack the planet.

▸ If the planet is destroyed by the Mothership's fleets, the raid will be lost.

▸ When a Giant Mothership appears, fleets from the selected planet cannot be used to attack.

▸ If the Mothership is not destroyed within given time, the Mothership fires a beam that destroys the Command Center.

* Losing a raid will reduce the HP of the planet's Command Center to 1.

✔ Raid participation and Rewards 

▸ Attacking the Mothership or its fleets will automatically join the raid.

▸ Attacking the Mothership on other planets owned by Commander other than your Guild Member will also join you in the raid.

▸ The contribution is calculated with the amount of damage dealt.

▸ The player who has started the raid, but not participated in dealing any damage will not be considered a participant.

▸ Rewards will be given according to the contribution.

▸ Rewards can be collected by tapping the "Receive Rewards" button after winning the raid.

▸ Winning the raid will boost your Cartos Production rate for a period of time.

➡ Added New Ship Raid  ▸ New Human and Anxo Gram Class from Ogre Raid reward

➡ Modified Rookie league system  ▸ After New Rank season, The Rookie league point will be reset.

➡ Adjusted UI

▸ Fixed UI when First Purchase Package only shows the appearance of ships.

▸ Fixed bug when transporting cost was displayed after leveling up Cartos Transporter 

▸ Improved scroll function of League ranking UI.


Game Features
  • DEFEND your space base using variety of TURRETS and MINES!
  • LOOT other space bases for resources!
  • UPGRADE your battleships and TRAIN your captains for victory!
  • PLAN unique combat strategies with countless combinations of BATTLESHIPS and CAPTAINS!
  • CREATE or JOIN a guild with your friends to receive BIGGER rewards!
  • FIGHT off space pirates!
  • EXPLORE the galaxy and MIGRATE to a resource-rich planet!


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